Our traditional models operate with a traction drive or hydraulic system and have a 950lb lifting capacity. If you have a limited budget, consider the Freedom Green, an elevator with an energy efficient motor. For a more luxurious home elevator, the Freedom Elite offers fully automatic side sliding doors and endless cab upgrades.

Nationwide Lifts’ panoramic models are a stand-alone solution that do not require a hoistway.  They take up a minimal footprint, offer a 360-degree view and operate by a winding drum system or pneumatic vacuum technology.

These unique and beautiful home elevators come in various sizes, from a single passenger to a wheelchair accommodating cab size and travel up to 50 ft and 5 stops.

Envision a home elevator that blends seamlessly into your current home or house plans.  A home elevator designed to fit where others cannot.  Imagine a one-of-a kind home elevator designed to suit your specific style and decor.  All these concepts and more can be possible with Nationwide Lifts’ Artisan custom home elevators.  Bring us your vision and we will turn it into a reality.

Freedom Green

The Freedom Green is our most popular home elevator. It operates on an environmentally friendly counterweight system with a high energy efficient motor. It provides a smooth, stable ride with no hydraulic fluids required. The durable chain drive system means fewer wearable components and lower maintenance costs. The Freedom Green home elevator also has a machine roomless option where code permits.

Home Elevators
Freedom Hydro

This hydraulic home elevator has an ultimate smooth and quiet ride which only requires a 92” ceiling height at the top landing.  The compact, high efficiency pump takes up minimal space and only requires a small machine room.  The lifting capacity can be up to 1400 lbs where code permits. 

Home Elevators
Freedom Elite Pic
Freedom Elite

For a luxurious experience, the Freedom Elite has all the “bells and whistles”.  This package includes fully automatic side sliding hoistway doors and gates with an abundance of cab finishes and options.

Freedom Elite Video

This crystal-clear acrylic paneled, octagonal shaped home elevator boosts a 42”x42” interior platform (large enough for a standard, manual wheelchair), can lift up to 840 lbs. and only requires a 4” pit.  It’s winding drum system offers a smooth and quiet ride whiling adding elegant beauty to any style home. 

Vuelift Std Black

The Visi 58 is a round, winding drum system that offers a smooth and quiet ride.  Along with an 840 lbs. lifting capacity, this home elevator will accommodate a standard, manual wheelchair and can travel up to 5 stops or 50ft.  A masterpiece of art and engineering, the Visi 58 offers function and beauty to showcase in any home.

Visi58 Glass Home Elevator
White Round Vuelift Mini
Visi Mini

The Visi Mini is a two (standing) passenger winding drum system which provides a smooth and quiet ride.  It requires less than a 50” radius space and only needs a 96” ceiling height at the top landing.  This little gem has a 500lb lifting capacity and can be installed tight to a corner making it the ultimate home elevator for a space saving solution.  

Vision EC

The Vision EC is a two-stop home accessibility lift that travels through a simple floor cut-out making it a great space saving solution that can be easily retrofitted into an existing home.  It has a fully enclosed powder-coated aluminum frame, clear acrylic cab windows and a 845lbs lifting capacity.  It only requires a 96” high ceiling at the upper landing. No pit, no hoistway and no machine room required.  

Vision EC
Vision 350

As the world’s smallest residential elevator, the Vision 350 has quickly found its place as the ultimate space-saving solution for any home. With a 30 inch outside diameter, these home elevators are small enough to fit in even the most modest-sized home yet are just as capable as other, larger elevators. This single passenger (standing) residential elevator has a 350lb lift capacity and draws the least amount of electricity out of all pneumatic options.  It requires 107” ceiling, but no pit and no machine room is required.  If you thought home elevators were out of reach for you because of size constraints, this is the solution you have been looking for.

Vision 350
PVE Massachusetts 1
Vision 450

The two-passenger Vision 450 residential elevator can fit virtually anywhere inside the home without the consuming footprint of traditional home elevators. This air-driven residential elevator can safely carry two adults with a lifting capacity of up 450lbs.  An optional cabin seat may be purchased for a single rider.  Like the Vision 350 no pit and no machine room are required.  In addition, this elevator is the only Air-Driven Home Elevator that offers 90° Degree Door Configurations giving the homeowner more options to retrofit in an existing home. The pneumatic home elevators are award-winning home elevators with a flawless safety record.

Vision 550

The largest air-driven residential elevator model available with a lifting capacity of 525lbs, the Vision 550 is the perfect choice for those in need of a wheelchair accessibility lift without the hassle of a large construction project. The Vision 550 has a self-supporting structure, no pit and no machine room required.  With its quick installation, innovative design, and minimal pre-construction requirements this home elevator is an optimal choice to provide handicap accessibility in your home.

Pneumatic Home Elevator Vision 550 1
Artisan Elevators

Envision a home elevator that blends seamlessly into your current home.  A design specially made to your décor or a glass panoramic, uniquely shaped, one-of-a kind, home elevator to showcase your home. All of these concepts and more can be possible with Nationwide Lifts’ Artisan home elevators.  Bring us your vision and we will turn it into a reality.

Ornate Scrolled Wrought Iron Bird Cage Home Elevator Ceiling Down view